Welcome to Teck Assist

Excluding our human connections, may be the computer and the accessories that come with it are our next closest friends. And yes, clumsy that it may seem, but it takes quite a lot to retain the performance of our electronic friends.

Let’s consider this situation, we are short of time and toiling hard for our project to finish, but at that very moment the screen goes blank or the printer staggers with the pages and comes to a dead halt.


Our certified experts can solve almost any computer/peripherals problem online or over the phone +1-888-511-0014 using our suite of secure remote access tools


I wanted you to know that out of all products I have that run my business and all companies I do business with, I have never experienced more professional customer service on every level--all the time--each and every time I call Teck Assist my issues are resolved. With Teck Assist, time is money and it is obvious that you get that as issues are resolved quickly and accurately!!!


We recommend you to read the complete disclaimer. TECK ASSIST is a product of Digitecksolutions. TECK ASSIST is an independent technical support service provider for computers and peripherals. TECK ASSIST boasts about its best technical support team who have years of experience in the industry. TECK ASSIST does not have any affiliations with any company unless such relationship is expressly specified.

One Time Support

One time fix for your PC or connected devices software issues.


  • Immediate Issue Fix
  • Valid for 7 days
  • Pay Per Incident
  • More than 100 software
  • Fix time up to 1 hour

One Year Tech Support

Unlimited software support for your PC & peripherals.


  • Dedicated Technician
  • Support available 365 Days
  • Unlimited Software Issues Covered
  • Add 1 more PC for $99.00
  • Best for Home Users

Two Year Tech Support

Unlimited tech support for your PC & connected devices software issues.


  • Dedicated technician
  • Money Saver
  • Unlimited Software Issues Covered
  • Add another PC for $69.99
  • Best for Home Users

Onsite Support(On Demand)

Services are subjected to the availability of the technician.

Starts @ $99

  • For first 2 hrs
  • Onsite services are provided by third party technicians on behalf of (Teck Assist)
  • Additional Charges may be incurred for any hardware parts.